201, scribbled on my friends brother’s chest
and if his mom had the same one, she’d never confess
and now his heart cover’s just another drunken regret
but i think drunk Dylan was on to something yet

so follow me, you see, the numbers are at least
a little tiny bit more than first three of my “call me, if you get bored”
so call me a pretend defender of metaphor
but backwards it had hung on my door

my first year away from home
when i was lonely and only a little sore
when everything around me was changing i asked for more
and I got it, a little bit of a prophet, they called me
but only the world is changing I’m still a boy

and this is it, man, this is where we were going
brought our cups to the fountain and now they’re all overflowing
close our eyes, only our smiles are showing
so we don’t see what we’ve done

and last year, 213, only a number away (if you move one and let the other change)
everything changes, i guess that’s the way that it goes
but imma fight that shit until they bury my bones

so listen even though the place that we lived in is gone
i still remember the melodies, i still sing the songs
the way it was is never gonna be in front of me
but i believe the spirit up inside of us lives on

cause every trinity is a like a house we built
and every night when we keep yelling at our bones “be still”
we wanna love and we will, this house is infinitely beautiful and i’ll be climbing in between the window sills

and maybe you’ll think that I’m crazy but this house is real
all you gotta do is dig a little lower to feel
the bedrock it’s been built on
and all the false starts from the times it’s been built wrong

all we do is add on to the structure, never demolish whats under-
neath the paint and the plaster and all the tears we spilled
and when it grows to sprawling epic proportions, we’ll patch up all of our porches and dig a well that we can wait to refill

yeah, this house is old, and it’s looking gone,
but i know the gold in the foundation is strong
this is the thing that we built together and someday my kids’ll live there
and hopefully when i leave it’s where they’ll bury my songs

now i want to take a moment or two
to look around at the view
at everything we’ve done this time
and I’m so glad I’ve spent this time with you
and shit that short kid too
i hope we’ll be by each other’s sides
when we leave this all behind

well 528
that’s a fucking ocean away, but ok
we’ll still make it be great, we’ll be brave
201’s not just a number it’s a way to believe in the weight
of all the lumber in the house below us
it’s the thing we built, it’s everything we need and more
it’s all our hopes and all our fears and all our open doors
and everything we ever need isn’t somewhere else it’s in the boards by our feet it’s the love that we share and the fact that we care
if you add them together
you get 3

so this house could bear any number it desires
i don’t care, I’m gonna keep lighting matches
and if the house don’t look so beautiful now
just sit here with me, and imagine

and we’ve lived inside this house for long enough now
we think we’ve seen all that it could be
but i swear to a god i never had any faith in
it could be a bit more if we just believe

and now i want to take a moment or two
to look ahead at the view
at everything we’ll do in time
and I’m so glad I’m on this ride with you
and shit that short kid too
i know we’ll be by each other’s sides
when we leave this all behind...


from Laughing Along, released August 29, 2016



all rights reserved


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